About Us


Because that's how I'm wired!

My name is Nabeel Sayegh and for as long as I can remember, music and technology has been a true passion of mine. Since I was a kid, I've always been fascinated with how things worked and I absolutely love working with my hands. I obtained my degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University in 1996 and have spent my professional career in Corporate IT.  Over the past 23 years, I have developed skills in problem solving, critical thinking, team work, personal organization, communication and leadership.  I created The Speaker Port so that I can share my engineering skills and love for music with others. You can  expect nothing less than top quality service from me aimed at helping your preserve and protect the investments you've made in sound. 


Customer Testimonials

"I discovered The Speaker Port while crawling around the Craigslist electronics section one day, searching for a receiver to keep me going while I found someone to service my beloved Yamaha CA-2020 integrated amp. I’ve gotten so exasperated with the city’s low-quality audio service shops that I’ve been living with equipment in dire need of service.   Though it was a 47 miles from me, I never regretted making the trip.  Since that first repair, The Speaker Port has helped me select and restore two sets of vintage speakers and several receivers and amplifiers. I now feel that I have a trusted resource and, dare I say, partner in any future audio/video undertakings.   Their passion for the preservation and restoration of both vintage and modern equipment coupled with an exemplary attention to detail and thoughtful service has made me a huge fan. I intend to darken their door with every need — both big and small —for years to come!" - Mark M - Chicago, IL

"Was about to throw away what I did not know to be pretty valuable speakers. TSP was able to clean up the cabinets and replace the grill cloth and rotting foam edge on the woofers....Wow...what a difference." - Steven J - Joliet, IL


The Speaker Port Profile

I started The Speaker Port in 2016 in Joliet, IL.  I never expected it to be anything more than a side job gig, but what I found was a community of wonderful people who were deeply devoted to the vintage audio scene.   I am a one person business that I run out of my home.  I still have my day job, but nights and weekends have pretty much been consumed with one repair or restoration after another.  I have an inventory many repair/service parts and also invested in a large amount of vintage home/pro audio gear (receivers, turntables, taps decks, CD/DVD players, etc.)  I even have a partnership with a local Music Studio where I do repairs on guitar/power amps, speakers, mics, pedals, etc.  My amazing wife and two beautiful kids are incredibly understanding and supportive of me and The Speaker Port.  Each year that goes by brings me closer to the dream of making this a full time business.  With your help, this dream will become a reality.