Core Services We Offer

Speaker Components/Cabinets


Re-coning, Spider replacement, foam surround/gasket replacement, magnet/pole piece re-centering, Grill cloth replacement, Crossover repair/upgrades, cabinet cleaning/resurfacing, dampening, port repair, driver upgrades/replacements, Custom cabinet/grill frame design and fabrication.



General electrical and chassis repair/cleaning as well as partial and full restoration/upgrades that can include the following; re-caps, LED upgrades, tube upgrades, power supply modernization, power cable/outlet updates, OEM technical service bulletin updates, mods, output protection, speaker terminal block upgrades, RCA jack updates.



General electrical, mechanical and chassis repair/cleaning. Drive belts (square and flat), pinch rollers, Capstan cleaning, head cleaning/demagnetization, LED lighting and power cord upgrades, RCA jack upgrades, playback speed calibration, re-caps, and power supply modernization



Drive belts, signal cable upgrade, ground wire replacement/elimination, power cords, replacement/upgraded feet, cartridge/stylus replacements, motor cleaning/replacement, mechanical assembly and automation cleaning/lubrication, speed/anti-skate calibration, tone arm/stylus pressure counter weight setting, chassis/cover cleaning, acrylic cover refinishing.

Optical Players/Changers/Libraries


CD/DVD players, changers and multi-disc libraries.  Optical pickup cleaning and or replacement, belt replacements, mechanical assembly cleaning/lubrication/lens calibration, power supply repair, A/D converter upgrades, chassis cleaning, feet replacement, power cable and RCA jack updates.

Custom Part Design/3D Printing


Recent advancement in 3D CAD Design and 3D printing technology allows us the ability to replicate and fabricate many hard to find parts that are know to fail.  We offer many unique parts for various products generated from 3D Printeing technology.  Such items include: cog gears, tweeter adapter plates, Speaker terminal upgrade plates, back lighting reflectors, AM antenna holders and lots more. 

On-site Services/Consultations


We offer our Customers the ability for us to come to you, especially if you have an oversized item or for permanent installation.  We also offer professional services/consultations for home and commercial establishments. Contact us for more information. (Currently limited to the Joliet and it's surrounding areas. 



Have an item that does not work, is damaged, blown or just taking up space and just want it out of your way?  We will come to your location and remove at no charge.  We will ensure that this stuff does not end  up in some landfill and if possible, can be repurposed or scrapped.  If it is an item of value that can be used for parts and/or restoration, we can turn these unwanted items into $$$.  Contact us, and let us know what you have and we will work with you to come and get it.

Labor Rates


Effective 1/1/2019, our labor rate is $50/hr. This applied to all general work detailed above. Diagnostic bench fees and broken down into two categories....Small and Large part evaluations.  Minimum cost to diagnose/evaluate any small to mid-size, non-complex product is $25. Any midsize (or larger) and/or complex product is $50. These costs apply to the total cost of Customer approved work that will be performed.

Service Agreement/Warranty


All work performed by The Speaker Port will be done so in accordance with our general Service Agreement.  This agreement will be made available to, and agreed upon, by Customers dropping off equipment with us.  We highly recommend you take the time to review this information prior to equipment drop off. In addition, we provide our Customers with a limited warranty on our repairs, service work and most products we sell. You can view both the Service Agreement and Warranty by clicking below.

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